Regular visitors to the GeoConnections Web site will notice its new look.

Its focus having shifted from program information to services, it now integrates the GeoConnections Discovery Portal (formerly CEONet).

Upcoming changes to the site will reflect your feedback, our evolution and the development of new technologies.

The new Site Map will assist you in finding links and pages. Bookmarks may need updating, as certain Web pages have been relocated.

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What’s new? — On June 15, 2005, the Government of Canada announced funding of $60 million for a five-year renewal of the GeoConnections program. More…

What’s new about GeoConnections? What is the CGDI? — The Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI) is the underlying foundation needed to access, combine, and share geographic information (e.g., maps, satellite images) over the Internet and gain new insights into social, environmental, and economic issues. More… Search the CGDI…

What’s new about GeoConnections? How to benefit from the CGDI? — The renewed GeoConnections will expand its operational support for users by focusing primarily on four areas in evolving the CGDI:
» Public health
» Public safety
» Environment & sustainable development
» Aboriginal issues.

What’s new about GeoConnections?

What’s been accomplished — The first phase of GeoConnections focused on building the infrastructure and developing examples of how it could be used to benefit Canadians. Read about the accomplishments of the first phase — the projects, Success Stories, and partners who made the current CGDI possible.

What’s new about GeoConnections?

How to stay informed? — Over the coming months, more detail on the renewed program and new opportunities will be posted here. In the meantime, to obtain updates on the progress of GeoConnections, please subscribe to our stakeholders database